About Us

At last, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
At last, we realised our dream.
At last, thank God, we are here.

ATLASTA is a storyteller, a street influenced high-end label.

With studios in San Francisco and Singapore, Atlasta is established by a group of individuals who all had the same dream and passion. Atlasta represents our utmost desire to express emotions and stories.

With first collection revolving around the theory of human psyche, we have focused on every detail of each garment to express the different personality, traits and talents that we want to present to the world, which often refrained a typical person from due to the fear of unacceptance in the society's norm.

These archetypes represent our fundamental human motifs in our life as we grow and, thus, evoking deeper emotions. While one archetype tends to dominate the personality in general, we aim to tell the story of a person - that, in life, we are all the same and have been through the different archetypes at different stages of our life.

Everything is created and manufactured in house for the most premium quality. Every piece has a story to tell, so what’s yours?